Alpaca wool is recognized as one of the most luxurious wools in the world. Due to its softness, purity, and versatility, it is used in a variety of high fashion garments.



Alpaca wool contains air pads that provide insulation and maintain warmth during winter. These microscopic pads allow for incredible breathability that also keeps you cool in the summer. Remarkably light, our alpaca garments keep you fresh in summer and warm in winter, avoiding significant use of other materials.



Alpaca is one of the finest, lightest, and silkiest fibers thanks to its high strength and durability. This wool allows these animals to survive severe frosts in the mountains and hot days in the summer. It is considered stronger and more durable than any other wool, cashmere, or silk. Our garments will pass from generation to generation intact if you follow the care instructions on our labels.




Hand wash with warm water, using mild soap or shampoo. Use conditioner to rinse. Never use detergent or bleach.

Do not machine wash. Do not iron. Gently press and remove excess water; do not wring or squeeze. Hang garments comfortably to drain and dry.

Do not touch garment with iron: simply release steam 1 cm above garment to stretch and remove folds or wrinkles. You can reshape garment depending on personal taste.



Ensure dry cleaner does not use bleach, detergents, or harsh chemicals.Drying temperature must not be higher than 60ºC or 140ºF. If item is wrinkled after drying, use steam of iron as explained above to return to original shape and size. Small balls of wool may appear on surface after drying. These can be removed with tape or rollers; simply swipe and remove.



Fold and place on flat surfaces. As a precaution, we suggest garment not be hanged for prolonged periods (months), as if the fabric is heavy it could lose its original form. In this case, steam vapor will return it to its original shape. Do not place in plastic bags as garment must breathe. Cool and ventilated areas recommended.

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