Mrs. America Durand,  a Peruvian mother, since she was young , she felt the mission to help to develop communities,  specially to widow, single mothers. She believes the skills of the mothers she leads, are changing their lives for better.

Hans Valdez, Peruvian who has traveled all over his country and many places around the world has discovered the wonders of his country´s textile combined with modern designs from worldwide resulting in amazing pieces of art.

Jenifer Valdez besides  her  management during the whole production process, she supervises our Fair trade statements and keeps updating our certificates, permises and relationships with other  clients /providers.

We joined in 2007 and since then, they have been developing the Peruvian weaving techniques using  Inca and pre-Inca techniques, together with nowadays groups of  more than 250 mothers who have these beautiful knitting skills in their hands and have cultivated through the opportunity with MIA to show their arts. These extraordinary techniques allow them to have a better quality of life and their families through their art that we seek to develop and maintain.

Torunn Baekken and Annelise Morud are our partners in Norway, a very important part of our family  /  For more information visit the website.




Offer to our customers clothing with pure Alpaca wool, luxury knitting techniques and a better quality of life for our employees who possess these virtues in their hands and allow them to develop into better conditions and their families. All this in a healthy working environment for our staff and concerned with a clean planet.



Upon receiving orders from our customers, we acquired alpaca wool according to  the requirements which are then sent to our mothers leaders. These leaders are already trained by us and divide the work between them by the skills each one have. Once they finish the product, the leader the mother collects the production, checks the quality and sends to our main headquarter in Lima. Here we have a second control quality, each garment is labeled and sterilized and steamed at very high temperatures, then ventilated to dry.

Finally, a second label with indications, packaging for shipping to our customers.

What makes us successful working model is and horizontal organization where all employees, leaders and heads have direct communications, and all information is shared within the whole MIA workers.



Currently, the vast majority are mothers  with hand weaving techniques, stick, others use crochet, embroidery, loom and combinations of these. We have formed groups in Lima and at the Andes were we deliver our wools and we get back the knitted products. We are more than 300 hundred working together, some not weaving but doing all the office and managing jobs.  Learn more at 



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